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5 features of a new apartment in Bucharest


new apartment in Bucharest

Are you wondering what is your dream apartment in Bucharest, living the normal life, trying to find a good place where you & your family can feel at home? Sometimes it’s not only about what color is on the walls or what furniture you should buy. It is also about the feeling and the activities that suit the place.


If you are currently looking for a home, we have some hint to help you a bit or maybe just raise some questions:


How social are you?

Love going out or having friends over? Then the apartments located in the far suburbs are a no go for a person like you. Choose a new apartment in Bucharest where you are surrounded by lively restaurants, gyms, shopping malls and also parks. That kind of place will offer you the ultimate urban and home experience.


Like drinking water?

Then think about you waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to get to the kitchen to have a glass of water. How many doors and walls are between you and a glass? No need to answer. The idea is that an ideal apartment has an intuitive layout that can help everyone in the family attend to their needs in a comfortable way. If you care about this aspect, then a new apartment is a great place for you, as the new structures are designed in a more intuitive way than older buildings in Bucharest.


Apartment with windows?

There’s no need to ask that, you would think. Of course, an apartment has windows, but if you look outside from any of them and see the next building then nothing will feel right. Now imagine looking out to a garden or a park filled with trees, early morning walkers and sunrises, playground full of happy kids, the city skyline. Find an apartment with a view to be sure it will be a winner.


365 days holiday?

One of the advantages of new apartment buildings is that they offer wonderful amenities like a garden or a big balcony, hotel like design interiors. You would not think, but that can make you feel like in a constant vacation especially in a big city like Bucharest. It will be a pleasure to come home and relax.


Need a home for your car?

It’s super fun spending endless hours roaming the streets to find an available space for your car after a hard day at work, right? So, look for apartments with included individual parking spot. It will save you a lot of time and also give the peace of mind that your car is safe.

Be sure that the home you choose offers an experience, the lifestyle you are looking for, a place for you in the heart of a big city.  Enjoy home hunting and don’t forget to look through our APARTMENTS and maybe this is how you’ll find the one.